Who are we?

  • We only deliver supplements that can really make a powerful difference in your health and life.
  • Provide you supplements made from only the purest natural ingredients on earth, including certified organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Use proprietary formulas to make our supplements extremely bioavailable. (This ensures the maximum amount of nutrients from our supplements are actually utilized by your body - versus being wasted.
  • Deliver the highest quality, most effective supplement blends available. We started this company because of the huge demand for quality supplements at affordable prices. We keep our markups extremely low, because we’re a mission-based company with hopes of healing the world.
  • We use a 3rd party lab testing for ALL our product which only 5% of the company in the supplement market do. This is to ensure the perfect quality and formulation deliver to you.

          Now here’s the great news… we’re constantly improving and making them even better.

          We’ve received a LOT of overjoyed feedback from others just like you, and the one thing we keep hearing over and over is how pleased they are to finally find a supplement company 100% committed to using the purest, non-GMO and certified organic ingredients wherever and whenever possible!


          Backed By Science. Empowered By You.

          Brand Story

          In the bustle of everyday life, remembering to prioritize yourself feels like another mundane task on your to-do list. With so many things crowding your mental space, it’s easy to let your own well-being fall to the wayside.

          We wanted to create a solution that would encourage people to protect their health. Our founder Angell Deer often allowed other matters to take precedence over his welfare. He was unhappy in his corporate career, which many said he should be grateful to have. Still, he felt deeply unfulfilled, as he had little time to do things that brought him joy.

          So, he left his job in search of something more meaningful. While on his journey of self-exploration, he was transformed by the overwhelming sense of purpose Mother Teresa’s mission in India instilled in him. He was moved by the emotions he felt in the jungles of Peru. Angell was also exposed to various cultures and sacred habits across Asia and South America, most notably, healing practices, including interactions with energies and reconnecting with one’s spirit.

          His journey was life-changing, but it’s far from over. Now, Angell and the Ancient Roots team want to provide the same transformative experience to you, giving you resources to help you prioritize your well-being, enhance your spirit, and ultimately improve your overall health.


          About Us

          Founded in 2022, Ancient Roots presents a holistic approach to health and wellness. Crafted with natural ingredients, our supplements are designed to provide simple, organic solutions that make a powerful impact. Returning to our roots, we rely on the power of plants, resulting in better bioavailability and a lower risk of toxicity.

          Our supplements feature potent blends of natural ingredients and certified organic ingredients, reinforcing our commitment to creating pure yet powerful formulas. Free of pesticides and other toxins, these solutions are intended to heal you. Additionally, unlike other supplement brands on the market that take advantage of the lack of regulation in the industry, we use a third-party lab to test for potency and accuracy, making Ancient Roots a brand you can trust.

          Transparency remains a cornerstone of Ancient Roots. Many companies insist on keeping consumers in the dark, utilizing clever marketing and abstract terms to make sales. However, instead of relying on blind faith, we believe you deserve to know what you put into your body; that’s why we explicitly communicate every step of our process, from concept to completion.

          Knowledge is the first step in restoring health, so we strive to educate our customers about the importance of balancing your mind, body, and spirit. Doing so will promote happiness, prompting you to spread the knowledge and positivity to anyone who crosses your path. Together, we can foster a well-educated community of individuals who prioritize their well-being and inspire others to do the same.


          Our Mission

          Ancient Roots provides all-natural supplements designed to improve your health while enhancing your mind, body, and spirit.


          Our Vision

          We aim to become a trustworthy source of high-quality organic supplements and spiritual empowerment through constant improvement and steadfast dedication to our mission.


          Why Organic Ingredients Matter

          When you create a whole food supplement like ours, you’re simply taking large amounts of a plant, herb, mineral or other ingredient and condensing it way down into a little pill.

          If you don't use selected organic ingredients, and the plants you use have been sprayed with pesticides like glyphosate, then when you condense it down, you’re also condensing down the pesticide.
          You’re taking a supplement to get healthy, and getting large amounts of pesticides in your supplement is not the healthiest solution.
          Especially when there are supplements that use key organic ingredients like we do on the market.
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